In 2016, from crafting our home-made products to now in-house brands known as Tatso and Letlhare. The inspiration was to create a platform for makers: an online marketplace to connect them with buyers looking for truly unique creations.

We understand there’s a story behind every product. It’s that of an emerging designer just introducing their work to the world; artisans working collaboratively in a challenging economy, or a seasoned artist crafting each of their pieces by hand.

With your help, not only do we grow our makers family. We serve a community of buyers who delight in surrounding themselves with beautiful functional designs and connect with the stories behind them.

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Content Image : Artisan Crafting

The Products

Our categories range is from kitchen, beauty and wellness products to innovative designs handpicked by our team, who continuously work to give you quality products.

Every product we carry has a story behind it. We focus on creations that:

  1. Solve a problem
  2. Serve a purpose or function
  3. Are made with admirable craft and skill
  4. Beautifully designed
  5. Add a positive impact on both the people and the environment

We know that we can’t bring these products to the customers without the help of our community of makers. Therefore, we encourage their support, because we are only as successful as the people who help create the products.